Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Mathematical Description for Nano-Bead

At present I use the texture for the sphere to simulate the nano-bead. I need the mathematical model for this. Mathematics and figures are always welcome. The bead is hit by the laser and it could be similar with Fresnel circular aperture. I need to do presentation following by the journal paper on Friday. Term "Fresnel" is used when the distances from source to diffraction screen, or from the latter to the observing plane, or both, are not great compared with dimensions of the diffracting apertures[1]... So "Fresnel" is not suitable for our system, "Fraunhofer" sounds more reasonable. The "Fraunhofer" regime is the far-field regime. Very far from a point source the wave fronts are essentially plane waves. The Fraunhofer approximation is only valid when the source, aperture, and detector are all very far apart or when lenses are used to convert spherical waves into plane waves.
[1] Optical Informatino Processing. Francis T. S. Yu

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