Wednesday, May 19, 2004

ILL books: Optical Image Proc. & Image Proc.

0080437885.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg The reason I used ILL for this book is that I want to get some hints for my one nano bead model. I didn't get too much from this book. In Chapter 3, they introduce Fresnel diffraction of a square aperture with Matlab code. They also introduce circular aperture and Fraunhofer diffraction of a square aperture in this chapter. Other interesting topics are in Chapter 7.
0201180758.jpg. I felt this is the best textbook for image processing and its first edition is also terrific, the authors are from UTK. I don't know why the last 635 course used the textbook by William K. Pratt.. Maybe because the first chapter of this book talks about Color and he has ever focused on Halftoning before. The Gonzalez book is some expensive and I really don't like that international edition. The other link of this book is in here. Here are the introductions about Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Wood.

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