Tuesday, May 18, 2004

This makes sense, but...

The scenaio is illuminated by the ambient light. (1) We take the camera
image. (2) We analyze/process the image (e.g. find the target, or make the
outlines of the objects). (3) Then we tell slm to generate a laser pattern.

And that's it. The camera is not supposed to see the laser pattern generated
by the SLM, 'cause it may destroy the processing.

Calibration should be used between step (2) and (3). Without calibration,
the generated laser pattern may not match the position of real objects.

Mapping the specified filed to SLM or all the image? Now I am pretty sure in the paper "System for demonstrating arbitrary multi-spot beam steering from spatial light modulators " they didn't use the calibration process, maybe they just did it manually.

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