Tuesday, June 01, 2004

ILL Matlab book

1584883200.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg. This is a low level matlab book and make me some disappointed. The title of the book is 'GUI' but actually it doesn't talk too much about it.
1. diary filename, diary on, diary off
2. Import data: load, csvread, textread, importdata, dlmread, xlsread, cdfread, fitsread, hdfread, imread, auread, wavread, aviread
3. Import low-level data: fopen, fread(reading binary data), fwrite(writing binary data), fgets, fgetl(reading text strings line by line), fscanf(reading formatted ASCII data), fprintf(writing formatted ASCII data), fclose
4. Axis: elliptical to circle( axis('square')), use ( axis normal ) to return. (axis equal) forces the unit spacing.
5. fplot, ezplot, fill

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