Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Paper Review: Williams92Fast

Journal = {CVGIP: Image Understanding},
Year = {1992},
Title = {A fast algorithm for active contours and curvature estimation},
Number = {1},
Pages = {14-26},
Author = {D. J. Williams and M. Shah},
Volume = {55}}

The greedy algorithm presented by Williams and Shah [6]
for active contour. The basic procedure is described below.
After a user initializes an active contour by defining
several snake points, the algorithm enters a loop. In this
loop, each point on the contour is temporarily moved to
one of its neighbors. Note that the user can define different
sizes of neighborhood. At each neighbor, the energy is
calculated and the one with the least energy is chosen as
the new location for this point on the contour. One
iteration will evaluate all the snake points and enter the
next loop until the snake is stabilized or the pre-defined
iterations have been reached.

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