Monday, September 20, 2004

U partial tracking

in folder: C:\Data\Tracking\U04

bmptest(filename, &c_width, &c_height, &bpp);

U_Ini("C:\\Data\\Tracking\\U04\\img\\FrameA11.bmp"); and

U_Ini(" C:\\Data\\Tracking\\U04\\img\\FrameA11.bmp"); with space before C:\
Be very careful about this.

Generate .DLL file
1. New... MFC AppWizard(dll) xxx ...(3rd, MFC Extension DLL (using shared MFC DLL))
2. For the .cpp and .h file we already done, change .cpp and .h a little bit -- extern "C" __declspec(dllexport) void UCalibration(...) for both .cpp and .h
3. Add #include "stdafx.h" to .cpp
4. VC++Project...Add to Project...Files...UCalibration.cpp UCalibration.h (add both files)

5. Compile and generate xxx.dll and xxx.lib ...Copy xxx.dll to \windows\system32

How to test the DLL file can be find at the former post.

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