Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Paper: Neff90Two-Dimensional

author = {J.A. Neff, and R.A. Athale, and S.H. Lee},
title = {Two-dimensional spatial light modulators: a tutorial},
journal = {Proceedings of the IEEE},
pages = {826-855},
year = {1990},
month = {May },
volume = {78},
number = {5},
Two-dimensional spatial light modulators (SLMs) modulate one of the properties of an optical wavefront (amplitude, phase, polarization) as a function of two spatial dimensions and time in response to information-bearing control signals that may be either optical or electrical. These devices form a critical part of optical information processing systems, serving as input transducers as well as performing several basic processing operations on optical wavefronts. A tutorial overview of the 2-D SLMs is given. their applications are outlined, a classification scheme for them is given, and major types of SLMs that are under active development are described

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