Saturday, January 08, 2005

Setup OpenCV3 in VC++.NET and VC++6.0

Right-click the solution in Solution Explorer:
C++->General-Additional Include Directories c:\Program Files\opencv\cv\include; C:\Program Files\opencv\otherlibs\highgui
Linker-General-Additional Include Directories: C:\Program Files\opencv\lib
->Input-Additional Dependencies: cv.lib highgui.lib
Notice: The configurationi is for 'Deburg', 'Release' or 'all'.

In VC++6.0
For simple cases, Project ->Setting->All Configurations->
C/C++-Preprocessor: c:\Program Files\opencv\cv\include,C:\Program Files\opencv\otherlibs\highgui
Link-Input: C:\Program Files\opencv\lib
->Win32 Debug Link-General: cv.lib highgui.lib

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