Saturday, January 08, 2005

Why not use Matlab plot the spots?

There are so many spots there and it is very easy to type wrong. It is very clear to use 'plot' to check the postions in the two frames to see if they are relative.
plot(x(1:35),y(1:35)); hold on; plot(x(1:35),y(1:35),'s'); hold off;
figure;plot(x(36:70),y(36:70)); hold on; plot(x(36:70),y(36:70),'s'); hold off;
plot(x(36:70),y(36:70), ':or'); % Dotted line, Circle shape and Red color
plot(x,y,'xr','markersize',52) % change the size of marker

plot(mean_64,'k','LineWidth',4); % change line width

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