Monday, February 14, 2005

OpenCV: tracking with camera shift

CamShift.c It has mouse operation (drag mouse to select region), track bar, histgram, cvCamShift.
Find Contour: use trackbar, cvFindContours
demhist.c: use trackbar to control brightness and constrast, show histogram at the same time. cvCalcHist, cvCreateHist
edge_canny.c use: trackbar, cvSmooth, cvCanny
Contour_ellips.c Fits ellipse to current contour. use: cvFindContours, cvCvtSeqToArray, cvFitEllipse, cvDrawContours
kalman.c use: cvKalmanCorrect
Lucas_kanade.c: LK tracking.
morphology.c use: cvErode, cvDilate, cvCreateStructuringElementEx, cvReleaseStructuringElement, trackbar
motempl.c Not sure about this one.

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