Wednesday, February 02, 2005

SLM, Optics Fourier Transfform

1. The laser's wavelenght is 532nm, the power is 300mv, producted by Brimrose
2. In SLM chart, x-voltage(0-255), y-phase(0-3pi(4pi)), not all voltage can be used, maybe only 128 or 90 something to 2pi. The input image is a 8bits gray level image from 0 to 255. We need a LUT to map to voltage 0-90(128)
3. The SLM projected pattern passes through Fourier lens, there are two plane there: Fourier plane and Image plane. Need to find out focal plane first. We don't care the image plane too much. All the advantage of SLM show in Fourier plane.
4. Input the phase values (data in frequency domain) to SLM and put the pattern in Fourier plane. We may see the image.
4. Input one image to SLM and we can see it in image plane, but this doesn't mean anything to me.

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