Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Zmini setup (Update from Apr.1, 05)

1. The bottom RS232 is good.(Reason: Zmini needs COM2, Device manage-Ports-COM(properties)-PortSetting-Advanced...- COM Port Number: COM2

2. Sometimes we need to reinstall Zmini software package if the wrong message is "pin#1 is wrong...is another program using the grabber card?".

3. RGB channel cable is on one firewire card, the other two cables (cam1 and cam2) are on another firewire card.(So 2 PCI_Firewire cards needed, plug RGB cable in one card, plug cam1&cam2 together in the second card)

4. When the server and connection run well but there is dark screen for Zmini, update the graphic card driver: ATI FireGL 8800.

5. Run from directory instead of from start(sometimes 'xxx file is missing (from start), ok from \program files\3dv\...).

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