Tuesday, November 29, 2005

LaTeX font in the figure

In Visio, just use math equation.

In Xfig, several ways: [1][2] add on the pic, [3] makes whole pic:

[1] use psfrag package, just input some characters such like 'x','z' in xfig figure and export to .eps file.








\psfrag{dz}[][]{\colorbox{white}{$\triangle Z$}}


\caption{Calibration between world and camera} \label{fig:moving_camear}


[2] use overpic package


\includegraphics[width ...


[3] run xfig with: xfig -specialtext -latexfont -startlatexFont default

type regular latex command $$ and export to pslatex. Two files are generated and copy both to your directory


\usepackage{graphicx, epsfig}






generate .ps file, acrobate-crop-eps. (may change directory inside .pstex_t)

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