Sunday, November 20, 2005

Some PhotoShop tips (1)

1. select -> save selection

2. in small window: channel -> save selection as channel.

Magnetic lasso: press 'caps lock' to get a circle instead of regular lasso, '{ }' key to change the size of it. After choose the field, use quick mask (q) and zoom it and use brush to make accurate edge. Black background and white background to try.

[-] After we add mask in layer, it is transparent by default. We can use edit->fill to fill the color.

[-] Eyedropper tool can also pick up colors outside photoshop, just drag it to other windows

[-] If you 'level' or 'curve' something, make sure to look at the historgram palette

[-] Copy the original picture to another layer and deal with it, add the mask and use bruth to get some from the original back.

[-] Background image can't be changed, only double click to change to layer to change it.

[-] effect is some words with view inside: two layers: words, view, put view layer up and choose layer-create clipping mask

[-] After we use some styles such as 'inner shadow', we can open 'style palette' and 'new' one to save the current style

[-] For 'glow' effect, 'noise' looks cool and you can also go to 'blending option' to adjust the fill ocpacity (not the whole layer, but the using pixels)

[-] The effect can be 'scaled' to get better result. right-click the round icon on the right of the layer and choose 'scale effect'

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