Sunday, March 05, 2006

Useless tourney facts

  • At least one No.10 seed has advanced to the sweet 16 in each of the past nine tournaments
  • Big East teams are 8-0 against non-conference opponents in semifinal games
  • Murray State's current streak of 10 straight losses in tournament games in a record
  • Florida has lost to a lower seed in each of past five tournaments, matching a record notched only four times previously
  • Two No.1 seeds have met in championship game only four times:82 UNC vs. Georgetwon, 93 UNC vs. Michigan, 99 Dook vs. Uconn, 05 UNC vs. Illinois
  • The record for most wins by one conference over another conference is held by bigten, which has put the hurt on the sec 33 times

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