Thursday, May 18, 2006

LaTeX: "Too Many Unprocessed Floats" -float

Check former post:
``too many unprocessed floats'' error.

1. Make sure you haven't been too restrictive in where you want your floats to go. If you use a placement specifier, give LATEX as many options as possible. For example:


which indicates that the figure can be placed ``here'', at the top of a page, at the bottom of the page or on a page solely consisting of floats.

2. Try increasing the amount of text in the chapter. Remember that you should never simply print all the figures and tables in a results chapter without discussing them to some extent.

3. If all else fails, try using the \clearpage command. This forces all unprocessed floats to be processed immediately, and start a new page. This may result in the page ending prematurely, if you wish to avoid this, you can use David Carlisle's afterpage package, and use the command:


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