Friday, July 14, 2006

c++ questions .

abstract class: have pure virtual function inside.

How can a member function in my derived class call the same function from its base class?
Use Base::f();

When should my destructor be virtual?
1. if someone will say new Derived, where Derived is derived from base class,
2. You do a delete p.
3.where the actual object's type is Derived but the p's type is base class.
class Sample {
void f();
virtual void vf();

class Derived : public Sample {
void f();
void vf();

void function()
Derived d;
Sample* p = &d;
p->f(); // sample::f
p->vf(); // Derived::vf

void function()
Sample* p = new Derived;
delete p; // need virtual de-constructor

What is a "virtual constructor"?

Program without ;
while((printf("Look, no semicolons!"),0){}
or while(!(printf("hello world"))){}
or if (printf("hello world"))
or if (printf("hello world")) {}

Checking for powers of two

int powerOfTwo(unsigned int x)
return !((x-1) & x);

Is the default constructor for Fred always Fred::Fred()?
No, A "default constructor" is a constructor that can be called with no argument, it can be no parameters or take arguments by given default values.

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