Saturday, July 08, 2006

WinCVS setup

Repository, Module, Import, Checkout, Commit, Update
Basic idea:
1. Import local directory to Repository (server or local) and create a Module.
2. Create a local working directory (c:\cvsworking)
3. Checkout a Module from Repository to local working directory
4. Commit your new codes to server, Update from server and get codes that others modified.

Create repository: local - c:\CVS\CVSROOT, remote- /home/weisu/cvs/cvsroot
Browse and go to original source code directory, Remote-Import module ... Respository path-"mywork"
CVSROOT: local: c:\CVS , remote: ssh , /home/weisu/cvs
Checkout model: mywork, c:\cvsworking --

Confusing thing: original file ->import -> checkout to another directory and only files in this directory can be sync. So original file is no useful anymore?

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