Sunday, August 06, 2006

Software Testing

1. Obtain the specs from the developers. Learn what the program can do and what it cannot.
2. Function Testing:
Black Box: try to list out as many test cases as you can

Valid cases,
Invalid cases (like NULL for a string, int exceeding limit 32768 !! etc)

White Box: Decision coverage. Make sure all parts of code are executed at least once. No dead code.

3. Performance: How much time does the program take on
4. Stress: Call the function 1000 times in a for loop and see if it runs out of memory
5. Security: Don't store any password or sensitive info in strings.
6. Globalization: Can you use this function for multi-language?

Note: If you do not have the code, then you can only do black box testing. If you have the code then you can do both blk box and white box. So ask the interviewer if the code is given to you.

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