Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Effective C++ (8-13)

Item 8: Prevent exceptions from leaving destructors

Item 9: Never call virtual functions during construction or destruction
  • make sure that none of your constructors or destructors call virtual functions on the object being created or destroyed and that all the functions they call obey the same constraint
  • ? ? having derived classes pass necessary construction information up to base class constructors (not sure that last solution example)

Item 10: Have assignment operators return a reference to *this

class Widget
operator=(const Widget& rhs) // return type is a reference to
{ // the current class
return *this;
// return the left-hand object
Item 11: Handle assignment to self in operator=

Need to read the later chapters together.

Item 12: Copy all parts of an object
  • if you add a data member to a class, you need to make sure that you update the copying functions, too.
  • every PriorityCustomer also contains a copy of the data members it inherits from Customer, and those data members are not being copied at all
  • Read the last several paragraphs
Item 13: Use objects to manage resources

if you're releasing resources manually, you're doing something wrong. Pre-canned resource-managing classes like auto_ptr and tr1::shared_ptr often make following this Item's advice easy

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