Sunday, October 21, 2007

GIMP tips: Outlined Shapes

Is this for drawing a rectangular?
  • Use selection tool and fill tool
  • On the right click image menu, choose select --> shrink
  • Enter the amount of pixels you want the thickness of the outline to be
  • edit --> clear

Update: looks this will remover everything inside the region and leave blank.
Use 'create and edit path' and 'stroke path' may be a solution.
Update2: still use the 'outlined shapes' but create one more transparency layer to deal with the new shapes. (oct. 22, 07)

Update3: (Dec. 22, 08)
(1) make a selection of shape: use rectangular, elliptical, hand-drawn, shape or paths
(2) choose a brush and color
(3) Edit - Stroke, you can use 'a paint tool', or use 'stroke line' directly with line style.

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