Thursday, December 13, 2007

Some tips on using Visio

  • Drag the ruler to get a vertical/horizontal guide, use C-l to switch between v/h
  • Insert-new page or right-click 'page-1' on the bottom row
  • layer : view-layer properties.  Add to layer: right-click shapes-formats-layers.... Change the layers colors to make shapes group clear. Add bunch of shapes to layer: layer properties-active
  • Dynamic Connector is used frequently.
  • Group: right-click several shapes, shape - group
  • Align: follows the first shape you pick
  • Dynamic connect: put the mouse inside the shape and drag to another shape. Static connection is from point to point.
  • Add connection point: pick the shape, "connection point tool", Ctrl-Mouse click to add the connection points. You can also use 'Del' to delete the points.
  • Combine/split shapes to new shape: shape-operations-Union/Combine/Fragment...

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