Thursday, September 11, 2008

Book reading (about video codec)

Plan to Read the following books through ILL:

  1. Video Engineering, by Arch C. Luther, Andrew F. Inglis ISBN:0071350179
    [Done. The first several chapters are interesting. The book covers many topics but not discuss deeply. Update: 9/26/08]
  2. Multidimensional Signal, Image, and Video Processing and Coding, by John W. Woods, ISBN:0120885166
    [Done. Borrowed twice, with a CD. Good for academic, lot of details and math. Update: 11/06/08]
  3. Introduction to MPEG; MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, by Lawrence Harte, ISBN:1932813535
  4. [Will not borrow this one, it is in low level update: 12/17/08]
  5. Video Codec Design: Developing Image and Video Compression Systems, by Iain Richardson, ISBN:0471485535
  6. [Done. borrowed from library, also find a ebook, update: 12/17/08]
  7. Digital Video Compression,by Peter Symes, ISBN:0071424873
  8. RTP: Audio and Video for the Internet, by Colin Perkins, ISBN:0672322498
    [borrowed, but almost not read]

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