Monday, September 29, 2008

International Business (2)

Legal: common law, civil law, religious law, bureaucratic law
Law affecting of international trade:--sanctions --embargo --extraterritoriality
International jurisdiction:--territorial --nationality --protective
principle of comity: forum shopping (which law to use?)
Issues of technology transfer:--patent --trademark --law/enforcement
Political risk: --ownership risk, --operating risk, --transfer risk

characteristics : --learned --adaptive --interrelated --shared --trans-generation
element: --social structure(individual, family, group), --social stratification (class system), --language, --communication, --religion, --value&attitude(time, age, status, education),

High context, low context

Hofstede Five Dimensions
--power orientation (power respect - power tolerance)
--social (individualism - collectivism)
--uncertainty (uncertainty acceptance - uncertainty avoidance)
--goal (aggressive goal behavior - passive (what motivated people, quantity vs. quality of life, live to work vs. work to live ))
--time (long term outlook - short term outlook on work and life)

1. universalism vs. particularism
2. individualism vs. collectivism
3. neutral vs. emotional
4. specific vs. diffuse
5. achievement vs. ascription
6. Time
7. Environment (internal locus vs external)

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