Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Use WMWifiRouter to set up personal wireless router

  • download and install WMWifiRouter, I am using free version 0.91
  • In you cellphone (Windows Mobile system): Start-Settings-Connections tab-Wi-Fi (sometime wifi is not there, so turn on you wifi hard button)-Menu-Add new...Input network name (connects to 'The Internet'), check 'This is a (ad-hoc) connection)-Authentication(Open), Data Encryption (WEP), input password - Done
  • Next time when you click Wi-Fi in Connections, Highlight your network name, make sure your network name's 'Network to access' is 'Only computer to computer', and in Menu, make sure the last item 'Wi-Fi' is off.
  • The run WMWifiRouter, it is automatically configure the network. Sometime if it takes long time to create the network, you may have to restart your cellphone.
I tried the new version WMWifiRouter v1.35 today. You don't need to set up anything except installing the program. The D/U speed is 1.00M/0.34M. This WMWifiRouter version is not free though. [Update: 7/23/2009]

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