Wednesday, July 22, 2009

xDAIS and xDM in TI DaVinci

xDAIS: eXpress DSP Algorithm Interoperablility Standard. The interface from algorithm to application is through ‘Algorithm Specific Interface (IMOD)’ and ‘xDAIS Interface (IALG)’. xDAIS privdes the ability to manage resources (memory/DMA).

The IMOD interface provides basic functionality of the algorithm, and the IALG interface takes care of the memory management.


  • Int (*algNumAlloc) – create Functions
  • Int (*algAlloc)
  • Int (*algInit)
  • void (*algActivate) – Execute Functions
  • void (*algDeactive)
  • void (*algMoved)
  • Int (*algFree) -- Delete


  • typedef struct MYDSP_Fxns{
  • IALG_Fxns ialg;
  • void (*doDSP)();
  • }MYDSP_Fxns

xDM is an extension of xDAIS (xDAIS-DM, Digital Media).



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