Monday, September 14, 2009

Davinci DM6446 audio demo playback

The demo is located at:
/dvevm_1_xx/demos/encode, edit speech.c, then do:
make clean && make && make install (maybe use sudo make)
vi ../../Rules.make , and make sure it is installed the correct directory (/filesys/opt/dvevm).

In DaVinci board, use following commands to encode (20 seconds G.711 file) and decode the audio (execute first)

./encode -s xxx.g711 -t 20
./decode -s xxx.g711

when decoding, use ‘audio out’ channel to verify the audio. I didn’t find any players to play the ‘.g711’ file, didn’t find a converter either.

The G.711 encoder creates a 64 bits/sec bitstream with sample rate 8kHz.

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