Tuesday, May 10, 2005

LabVIEW trivialness - 1

1. For and While loop, the default is 'enable indexing'. The index number 'i' is same as C, means from 0 to N-1.

2. The index of array is from zero too.
3. The maximum number of terminals available for a subVI is 28.
4. Like an array, a cluster is either a control or an indicator. A cluster cannot contain a mixture of controls and indicators. It gets rid of the limit of 28 of subvi terminals.
5. Cluster elements have a logical order unrelated to their position in the shell. The first object you place in the cluster is element 0, the second is element 1, and so on. If you delete an element, the order adjusts automatically.
6. Subvi and Help window: In the Context Help window, required terminals appear bold text, recommended terminals appear as plain text, and optional terminals appear dimmed.

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