Tuesday, May 10, 2005

LabVIEW trivialness -2

1. Print: You can print to printer, HTML, Plain Text and RTF file.
2. Delay in while loop will free up the CPU
3. Cluster constant: either drag from front panel to block diagram or right-click ->create constant in block diagram
4. connector pane defines the inputs and outputs you can wire to the VI so you can use it as a subVI. The assignments of terminal happen at front panel.
5. Tunnels feed data into and out of structures
6. Each time you click the Step Over button, the current node executes and pauses at the next node. When a blinking border surrounds the entire block diagram, click the Step Out button
7. Express VIs: interactive VIs with configurable dialog page, Standard VIs: modularized VIs customized by wiring, Functions: fundamental operating elements of LabVIEW; no front panel or block diagram
8. SubVI can be viewed as cion, expandable node or expanded node

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